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Winning the game August 11, 2009

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One of the first things we would hear people say after mentioning we would be having a baby was “you know this changes the game” or “life as you know it is over”. While somewhat accurate I would like to add my thoughts on this. Indeed everything does change, and rapidly at that. Even the past nine months begin to feel like a long weekend. Then in a blink of an eye you’re at the hospital and the nurses are handing this little swaddled bundle of joy to you and you realize just how real everything is. He/She (he in our case) is there in your arms, breathing in life for the first time. It was at this moment that I felt like I just hit a game winning home run. I was ready to head into the locker room and retire from whatever sport my life had been up until now. All of the things I thought I would miss seem like a distant ship on the horizon. It’s not to say that I don’t still want to enjoy all of the same activities I always have but, rather that if by chance I don’t get the opportunity to climb, swim, hike, bike or whatever as much as I used to I will have absolutely no problem with that. I’m sure that a retired swimmer or baseball player still enjoys some laps in the pool or throwing the ball around but that feeling of necessity is gone. That is how I feel, the game has been won, if you want to get a casual pickup game going in the parking lot later, sure, I’ll try and make it. But as far as regular season play is concerned, I’ll sit this one out.


One Response to “Winning the game”

  1. Margot Says:

    Adorable!!! Can’t wait to meet Ronin.CONGRATULATIONS!

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