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The life in a day. August 19, 2009

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Seeing as how up ’til now I have only written of my own thoughts and feelings toward to Ronin and fatherhood, I thought I would offer up a glimpse into what he has been up to.

Here it is: Eat, sleep, _____ (I’ll let you use your own expletive for that one), and then eat some more. Well, there are those brief in between moments when is he very alert and awake and doing stuff like perfecting his blue steel pose (he does it to a T, Derrick Zoolander would be proud), laughing at the sound and/or feeling of passing some gas, making incredibly adorable ooh-ing and ahh-ing noises, flailing his arms and legs in a very swimmingly manner (this one makes me especially proud). And then there is what I believe to be his favorite activity: peeing on Mama and Papa while trying to change his diaper. It’s like his sixth sense, “ooh I really have to pee but, maybe I should hold it until I can have an unrestricted stream”. Not that I mind being pee’d on but, he has certainly turned it into a game (and he always wins). Yes, I know of the pee-pee tee-pee’s and I will probably be going out to buy some but I had always thought they were so lame and ridiculous and expensive and ugh. But now I must give in and pitch a tent over the body spray.

I must say that aside from the target practice mentioned above he is a very gentlemanly little boy. He likes to raise his hand to let us know he is ready to get out of his car seat. He almost always sits in his swing and car seat with his hands nicely folded across his lap, he waits until he is done eating and “excused from the table” to burp and spit up. It’s funny to think of a being that is unable to control his bodily functions having manners but, if they can or do I believe he does.

That’s pretty much it, he does not “do” much else at this point. Not that he’s supposed to but, don’t be surprised if the majority of posts for a while are about my perspective on things. Eventually he will be providing you with some great stories of his own happenings. Until then here is yet another image of one of his pasatiempos favoritos


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