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The wheels are turnin’ August 28, 2009

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One of the biggest joy’s I get from the little guy so far (not that I can really narrow down the amount of joy he brings to a single action, activity or moment) is watching him figure things out. Like how at first he seemed to only be able to recognize Mon and I by the sound of our voice’s and now he can actually make us out through his intent blue eyes. Or how he can now use his hands for some good rather than just thrash around like he has two balloons full of helium at the end of his arms. Or how he can sometimes hold his head up without it bobbing instantly to one side or the other (or into one shoulder or the other). He has started holding on to Mom’s shirt when he is in her arms, especially when he is eating (I guess he doesn’t want to miss a drop). Or his noises, oh the noises he makes, and not just crying. Now he coo’s from time time and every now then I swear I hear a laugh (or maybe it’s just him spitting up), but is sounds like laughter. It is all very reassuring as well as fun for me to witness these activities, it makes me realize that the wheels are really turning in there, he is actually growing right in front of our eye’s even though we can’t see it physically from day to day, to see him progress so quickly mentally is certainly an awe inspiring thing. Not that I want him to grow too fast (like our puppy Ruby did, I swear she went from 12 pounds to 85 over night), but it is really cool to witness and we’re just at the beginning. So keep turning those wheels just go easy on the gas pedal buddy.

(I knew all the fish/fish oil/omega supplements would pay off!)

Oh yeah, and I have to show the newest addition to his world of comfort!!
(courtesy of M&B)


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