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Battle of the sexes September 19, 2009

Filed under: General — wompsett @ 5:35 pm

I may not have accepted it until recently, but I am shopper. It was bread into me. I have strong shopping genes on both sides, and as a kid it was harnessed. Especially by my Nonni. So it’s no surprise that the prospect of having a child was exciting for me on this plain. What I didn’t anticipate was a fierce battle brewing in the department stores and boutique kiddie shops. I am going to go ahead and spoil the surprise ending and tell you that the girls win. By like 25,000 yards of fabric. There will be no photo finish for this race, in fact no one will probably even see the Boy’s team cross the finish line.

I thought for sure that living in the bay area we would have a better shot at the title than say, the southern boys. But no. We don’t. It’s not to say that we haven’t been able to find some ridiculously cute clothes for him, because we have (both on our own and with the help of our family and friends). The problem, or annoyance, or whatever it is, is this: If you walk into any clothes store for kids you will see about 85% of the floor space dedicated to girls clothes. With a diversity that can rival New York City. That leaves 15%, 7.5 of which is going to shoes, accessories and maybe some toys or trinkets. So we’re left with the last little 7.5%, of which for the most part lacks any real diversity. This is maybe more true of the larger department and chain stores than smaller boutiques, but still. Sometimes I just want to go to Target and buy some clothes.

The boutiques though are not much better. Still the majority of the racks are filled with girls clothes. The only thing that makes it more tolerable is that the selection of boys stuff is more diverse in design. But come on, boys wanna be cute too, or at least their parents want them to (and no Baby Gap I’m not talking about being cute in your $50 0-3 month jeans).

Luckily we have the internet and it’s easier to search out some really cute threads online that are way more hip for the little dude than what is available in the store’s. And yes I understand that the shop owners have to stock what sells. But I don’t want my shopping experience to be in front of the computer, I want to go SHOPPING, not sitting.


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