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A stroll down a lane named memory September 23, 2009

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Peter was there. And Pooh and the rest of the 100 acre woods gang. And the Velvetine Rabbit, and a bunny running away from his mother, and a very hungry caterpillar, a curious monkey, some wild things, a boy named Reginald, a big red dog and a couple of things (as in 1 & 2).

It’s been nice to have a reason to go back and re-discover some of these great charecters and the stories they belong to. I always knew that some day I would return to them, but I did not realize how enjoyable it would be. Though we are only scratching the surface of the greatest children’s stories ever told I am already antsy with aticipation. It’s amazing how some of the stories you read over and over, yet thought you forgot, come gushing back in an instant like they’ve been with you all along (well I guess they have, just in a partitioned part of the mind that sits idly by waiting for a signal).

As I was sitting the other day reading from “Where The Sidewalk Ends” I found myself turning the pages as though I knew exactly how thick a stack of them to grab to find Reginald Clark (who is, by the way, still affraid of the dark). “ooh you gotta hear this one too Ronin” I found myself saying time and time again. And he sat there obligingly as I told him about the consequences of not taking out the trash, and of eating too many peanut butter sandwiches. Of a boy who lost his head, Jimmy Jet and his TV set, a boa constrictor, a very short boy (1 inch in fact), and the neck of a giraffe.

And that’s just one book. We’ve started to dabble in Pooh’s world and the Velvetine Rabbit and so many other greats. Of course one of my all time favorite series is the Beatrix Potter collection. Peter Rabbit holds a special place in my heart. So we started that too. I think I can sympathize with him. I always thought he was a very sweet and just unfortunate rabbit, but I may have been a bit off.

I feel like I need to compile a list of all the greatest kids books out there (because I know in searching many have been overlooked), and buy them all up and when Ronin is all done with them put them in box and save them (this sounds oddly familiar). Mostly because who knows what the future of books will be, what with the digital age and all. Google Books? Check. iBooks?

“Hi, I’m a book”

“And I’m a digitally enhanced iBook that will beam the story directly into your memory bank so you never actually have to read me but somehow you’ll know the story by heart”

(this from a guy typing this post on his iPhone).

Now comes the audience participation part: Helping to make sure Ronin has a diverse collection of the greats by posting your favorites.



2 Responses to “A stroll down a lane named memory”

  1. LYnda (Grandma) Says:

    I’m going to put “Find Monica’s books” at the top of my to do list. It shouldn’t be too hard. I know right where they are. Unfortunately, they are IN THE GARAGE!!!!

  2. Kathleen Says:

    The Wizard of Oz,
    Sylvester and the Magic Pebble,
    Charlotte’s Web,
    Curious George
    The Giving Tree

    give me a little time – I’ll think of others!

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