The Life and Times of Ronin Quinn

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Under The Influence September 29, 2009

Filed under: General — wompsett @ 9:22 pm

It occurred to me last night, right about the time Mon took this picture
that Ronin really IS our son. I mean this in the sense that he carries with him our characteristics, both physical and mental. Of course the physical are the most prominent right now, but the mental characteristics are starting to shine through more and more. As I stood holding him last night over the stove (no, not really OVER it but you know what I mean) he had this sense of calm about him. It’s the same feeling I get while working in the kitchen. It’s like my own form of Yoga sometimes (most of the time, not always though). I wonder if I was the same way when I was young? I certainly have very fond memories of my time in the kitchen as a young lad, but what about when I was 7 weeks old? Did the wave of calmness rush over me too? If so, how far back does this culinary gene reach? Was it ingrained in one of my ancestors’ DNA before they came to the States however many years ago? Even further than that? Or is it a more recent addition to the genetic make-up?

That very same question applies to so many aspects of our nature. Sure, I know certain traits, physical and mental, are passed from generation to generation and on and on until you have honed it into an art form. But I wonder how much of that is already there and how much of it is dependent upon the nurturing (forcing) of said trait/skill/feature/whatever from your parents (or their parents for that matter). Say I went out of my way to keep Ronin out of the kitchen (at least while cooking), would he still grow up with the same appreciation for cooking as he would if he was always involved with it. Not that I know for sure that he will or even does like it. Maybe last night was just a coincidence. But it is curious.

Even more curious is the ability to control and contort these “grains”. Can I just start using my influence to build traits. Is there some sort of ethical consideration here? Human customization. Who needs robots if we can just build our descendants to our own demented specifications. A little of this and a little of that (Please note: all orders ship out within 1 to 2 centuries from date of purchase). I mean you won’t get the instant satisfaction but there is something to be said for a lasting legacy, right? A family of Samurai’s? Or Yogi’s? Naturalist? Pirate? Musician? _______?

I really am curious though to see what other traits Ronin will pick up on. Of course that means that I have to scrutinize my past and my present to make sure all the bad ones fly on by.


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