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Ready to Rock! October 1, 2009

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This weekend is the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival out in ‘Frisco. We’ve gone the last few years, and have a great time each year. This year is a little different. I need not tell you why, but I will anyway. BABY. One of the goals I set for our family prior to Ronin showing up was exposing our kid(s) to music. Live music. And so this seemed like a good opportunity to begin the experience. I’m scared. Kind of. Not because I think it’s really going to be difficult or any less enjoyable, in fact I think the opposite. I think it will be loads of fun, and the thought of him growing up in a musically oriented community is an exciting one. Especially when he’s old enough to run, twirl, dance, jump, ‘hoop, Strut, fire dance, etc. No, the main reason for my anxiety towards the first show is that I sometimes tend to become disengaged of the world around me and enjoy the beauty that is live music (which is still the world around me, just in a different way). So I just have to be more responsible and more in tune to a different rhythm. The rhythm of Ronin. It’s going to be challenging no doubt, especially when he’s had enough (which will probably happen right before that one band we’ve been waiting all day to see), but it will be fine. And it will only get easier from here. I think.

Of course our main concern is his hearing. So the outdoor venue is the perfect place to introduce him to live music (thank you summertime birth). And with the help of some ridiculously cute, made for kids, noise deafening ear muffs we should be good to go. Of course good to go is based on us thinking that he will have no problem at all wearing some, so far too big for him that they cover practically his whole head, ear muffs. I’m sure we’re right. Right?

And that’s just the beginning. There is still the driving to, making it through a long day with ton’s (literally) of people, dealing with feeding, changing diapers and clothes, and I’m sure something else that I’m forgetting. Driving into Golden Gate Park on a busy day is pretty close to a nightmare on it’s own. But it’s also a nightmare to take public transportation to the park on a day where like 150,000 people show up for a free concert. Even without the crowd it is a pain to get to the park on public transportation. So driving it will be. We’ll see. We have had trips to the City before, though not in a long time, that consist of driving in endless circles looking for parking. Only to realize, after what feels like hours of circles, whatever event it was we went to see will be over in 20 minutes and so we might as well just head home. I’m not proud of myself for these occurrences, but they have happened. The rest shouldn’t be too hard to handle. Ronin seems to do fine in large groups, though up ’till now that has consisted of no more than probably 20 people. Diapers are no big thing, clothes are not my forte, but whatever. I get ’em on, he’s just not always happy after. And the feeding shouldn’t be a problem, though I’m not the one in charge of that department so I couldn’t say for sure. We’ll see. Sometimes the au naturale thing freaks some people out. But not normally in the City. Wish us luck.

I don’t think I’ve ever put so much thought into a trip to S.F. It feels weird to have to pre-meditate a trip to a city 40 miles away that I’ve been to 1000’s of times. Maybe I should just relax and enjoy the adventure either way it turns. Which I will, because no matter what happens he’ll be stylin’ in these!


One Response to “Ready to Rock!”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    oh my! is he supposed to look so CUTE? good outing to test your skills – always easy to call it a day. Have a great time – all three of you.

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