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The power of smiles October 9, 2009

Filed under: General — wompsett @ 10:32 am

I read a disturbing fact not long ago that babies smile and laugh something like 15 times more than adults do. In honor of that statistic here is a list of 10 things that the superiorily smilling baby will make you ( or at least me) do in response.

1. He will make you smile back (duh, like I need to write that)

2. Make you cry (at least the first few times he cracks it)

3. Make you grab a rag, because the vomiting of a projectile nature is probably not far behind

4. It will have you making some form or another of a rediculous looking face that you hope will never be caught on camera

5. Make you wish you had your camera

6. Make you realize he will never smile for you when you have your camera

7. Make you grab a diaper because he probably just finished pooping

8. Make you grab that rag again because he’s probably going to spit up again

9. Make you realize how quickly a smile turns to tears

10. Makes you realize that you should smile more


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