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meine Söhne ersten Oktober fest October 17, 2009

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So we had an impromtu visit to the local Oktoberfest this morning (and by morning I mean 1:00 in the afternoon), and it was surprisingly fun. Surprising because it was held in the town we’re living in (I don’t like to say our town because I don’t think of it like that), Concord CA. Yes, Concord had something fun going on. Crazy right (only if you know the bay area). Like I said, totally impromptu, it just so happened to be right across the street from our morning coffee stop. So we walked the 40 paces to check it out.

The only other time can really remember enjoying myself in this park is during some festival they used to have when I was a kid, and my sisters swim team (am I remembering this right?) would have a booth for some reason or another. And the highlight of the fest was the police dog demonstration. They would show off all the tricks the dogs can do. Tricks, right? I thinks that what you call a dog attacking a human in a carnal instinct kind of way. That’s the only other time this park was fun. Untill today. And maybe it was the early morning (again, 1:00) beer mixed with the 5 minute before coffee, but I enjoyed myself. Or maybe it was just that I enjoy myself wherever I go now as long as Ronin’s tagging along.

I look forward to more of these random outings, chillin’ with the fam, drinking overpriced but tasty (another surprising element of the day, really good breweries pouring) ales. Hangin’ in parks, and doing the whole family thing. I haven’t thought of myself as a family guy before, but I guess I actually am. And damn happy to be so.

trinken gerne¡



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