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My first full fledged (parental) freakout October 21, 2009

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So here I am sitting in Childrens Hospital in Oakland. As the title says, going through a complete fucking freakout. The boy should be fine (let me just get that out of the way now), that’s what the doctor tells us and that’s what I’m going on. What else can I do.

A little history, before anyone worries. This morning RQ had some blood in his spit up, and then more blood in his stool. And it persisted all day. So we went to his doctor who sent us to another doctor, a gastroentonolgist, who told us to come here. To Childrens Hospital. A place I have always feared. Well maybe not always, because as a kid I had no idea. But ever since I decided children would be a part of my life, I have feared it. And now I’m here. I drive by it every morning on my way to work, and every morning I tell myself I never want to take the exit that takes me there. That hope died today. On the bright side Childrens Oakland is suposed to be the best of the best. I sure hope so. Hopefully the check in process does not reflect the care he will receive while here. And I doubt it will.

So back to the boy. Like I said, everything will be fine. The doctors will find that he has an esophogeal(sp?) tear, or an ulcer, or any number of other conditions that they assured are not a big deal. The worst part has, and hopefully will be, the steps leading up to his actual procedure. The blood work, the getting of the vitals, the not being able to feed him, the seeing more tears out of his eyes in the last two hours than I’ve seen from him his whole life. That’s been the worst. The endoscopy will probably take no more than 10 minutes. Of course they have to anesthetize him to do it, and I’m glad as hell I don’t have to see him on that table, with all the tubes, and monitors, and peope in scrubs. I mean I know I will have to see a toned down version of it in the recovery room, but then it will be over. Then it’s the upswing. That should be in about an hour, maybe less.

I feel like I’m freaking out more than I should given that this is a relatively…..sorry to interupt, BUT HE’S FINE. the doc found a tear in the esophegus. It will heal on it’s own in a day or two…….Now back to your regularly scheduled post. So me freaking out more than I probably should. Every kid gets sick, and probably had it just been the flu I wouldn’t have freaked so fucking bad. But he had to go to the hospital, Childrens fucking Hospital. So I freaked. And now I can chill and watch my son wake up from the gas. Maybe laugh at how funny it’ll be when starts to come to. And with that I will leave you, to hang with my boy.

P.S.- look for a good pic of the day tomorrow (today for some of you who are just now reading this)!

P.P.S.- forgive my gramatical errors, my editor (my wife) has been a bit preocupied.

P.P.P.S.-to update you on my conerns of care, following the fuster cluck of a check in process, they were awesome. They lived up to their reputation. Thank you!


5 Responses to “My first full fledged (parental) freakout”

  1. Aris Says:

    I am so glad it will be ok. Just remember to stay strong, the kiddos can only be as strong as their parents, never more. Give Monica some extra love, she needs to feel strong for Ronin to feel strong.

    Keeping all of you in the prayers.



  2. Tyrob Says:

    Jesus man….

  3. Samantha Says:

    Oh you guys I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I’m glad the little man will be fine!

  4. Rachael Says:

    Wow, this sounds so scary. I’m so glad it’s nothing serious! I can’t imagine what it would feel like to fear for the well-being of your tiny little baby. Sounds like you guys handled it like professionals.

    Nate – I feel the same way about Children’s Hospital. It’s always been kind of ominous for me. My sister was childhood best friends with Teddy Dempster, who died when they were both 9, and he spent a lot of time there. So it seems like a sad place.

  5. wompsett Says:

    Thanks folks, for all the love and support. Ronin is now home sleeping happily next to his momma in our bed!

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