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Some Good Old Fashion Cradle Robbin’! October 27, 2009

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Sometime between 11:55 pm and 12:05 am this Friday/Saturday I will change over from VIIII to X in regards to the number of years I have been with my wife, Monica. This is our TRUE anniversary as I like to call it (though I’ll probably get slapped for saying so). Part of the reason I like this one more than our wedding anniversary is because it falls on Halloween (well maybe, it’s always been a point of discussion. Hence the 11:55 to 12:05 reference), and that’s just a cool day for an anniversary. Plus, without this first one there would be no wedding anniversary. Don’t get me wrong, the wedding date is a hugely monumental one as well. But this is our tenth anniversary! Of the day we became a couple. The day that a then 17 year old boy’s crush on an older girl became something more. The day the cradle was robbed.

I had never had a REAL girlfriend before Monica. I was always the kind of shy boy that the girls liked to talk to. I was a good listener, or so they would tell me. No guy wants to be THE LISTENER, but some of us are just chosen for the job. And I was pretty lucky to be as it turned out.

Most of you probably know the story of Monica and I hooking up, but here is a quick recap for those of you who don’t. Mon and I met sometime in the late spring of 1999 (when we were still deathly afraid of the machines coming to life and taking over our world as part of the millennial transition). How it took us so long to meet is sort of a mystery seeing as how we attended the same schools, had a lot of the same friends, played at the same neighborhood parks, etc, etc. But finally we met, randomly, through one of those mutual friends, and I was instantly struck with the arrow. After a night of flirting we went our separate ways and I was sure I would never see her again. Luckily for me, I was wrong. After a couple months of obsessing over her, I moved into my first house (yes at 17. I was a shit), and to my surprise she ended up hanging out there all the time. Unfortunately for me, I was so used to being the listener I had no idea how to get her. So I waited it out. And we became pretty good friends. It only took a couple months time, being evicted, and going with her to a party at her friends dorm at Sonoma State University. That was the 30th of October, by the 31st we were a “couple”.

It’s a funny thing to transition from friends to a couple. You think somethings going to change in the dynamic of the relationship. Maybe for most people it does. I didn’t, and to an extent still don’t, feel that shift. Before hooking up Mon and I had formed a really good friendship, and that friendship has only grown over the years. There was no awkward “oh, were a couple now so we have to be all lovey dovey”. Nope, we just became even better friends. Best friends. It was incredibly natural for us. I wouldn’t want it any other way. She is the person that I want to do everything and anything with. If I’m away from her for too long, I lose my footing. She roots me.

Now we’ve added Ronin to the mix, and life just keeps getting better. When you’re surrounded by the love and affection of your family, not much else matters. It all kind of falls into place. I’m lucky to have fallen into the right place at the right time.

It’s funny how our little life “mistakes” (i.e. leaving home at 17 and dropping out of High School) can lead to some of the most amazing scenarios. Had I not moved out, as a 17 year old shithead, I would not have had the opportunity to find the girl of my dreams, get married, and have an amazing little baby (among countless other amazing adventures, but those are the highlights).

Thanks for putting up with me for 10 years Luv!!

Here’s to another 10 (at which point I’ll probably be due for an evaluation)

And just for kicks, here’s the oldest picture of us I can find (now she’s really going to smack me!), circa 2001(?)
Library - 0008


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