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A Freakish Evolution! October 31, 2009

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This year the whole Halloween through a child’s eyes thing (even if it is a small child that can barely see more than 6 feet) has had me realizing a funny thing. I have now come completely full circle with this particular “holiday” (can you call it a holiday if you don’t get the day off work? Maybe we should just call these types of day an “Excusetostuffyourfaceandgetwastedday”). When your a kid, at least was the case for me, Halloween is the second best holiday, Christmas being the best. But really what kid cares about eating turkey, or the measly amount of candy that a giant bunny with FAR too many eggs for one bunny, giant or not, leaves for you. No, it’s all about getting to wear your favorite superhero outfit, or cereal box, or computer (for the record, I didn’t wear those last two. It was My brother M’s great ideas that yielded those costumes) and going and knocking on all your neighbors doors and cashing in on not being the one who smashed their pumpkins. Your reward, or earnings if so care to call them that, a handful of freaking candy. Pure AWESOMENESS. You dress up and utter three easy ass words and boom. Candy in the bag. What Kid doesn’t want this.

And that’s how it is for the next few years, until your a little punk of an adolescent. When your WAAAY to cool for anything as lame as donning some outrageous garb and going door to door to collect your annual candy payday (pun totally intended). But you still want the candy, just without the hassle. So at first you do the lame-o go to the door in your PE clothes or your football jersey and try and pass for a costumed kid. And the parents at the houses you hit up look at you questioningly, and reluctantly give you a piece of candy. The key here is A PIECE, not a freaking handful, but a measly little piece. After you went through the trouble of wearing the exact same thing you wore to school, and walking less than a mile through your neighborhood. Pricks.

So after being discouraged by this lack of donations to your pillow case (yes I carried an effing pillow case to hold my candy, that’s how we rolled), you move on to better things for the fright night festivities. Some choose top be complete A-hole’s and steal little kids bags of candy. I never did this, I wasn’t that much of a shit. While others choose the party avenue. This is the route I eventually took. And still others just hung out doing nothing against the wishes of their parents at all. That was me.

Then as you get a bit older you get back into the dress up thing and start going to halloween parties and raging for three nights straight maybe coming up with three different costumes for each party you attend (you may not be too cool to dress up, but wearing the same thing three nights in a row? I think not). And so it goes for the rest of eternity. Until you have a kid.

This year I had that little school boy rush of excitement again for this day. Trying to come up with a really unique but home makable costume. Seeing it through the various stages. Getting the pumpkins and having an imagination with the carving of again. It’s been totally rad, to get to feel like a little kid again. Plus I think we came up with a totally freakin’ cool costume for RQ’s first Halloween. I mean what kid is Samurai for his first fright night? Not many. That’s how many. So thank you Ronin, for bringing back my 9 year old self for a few weeks. It’s been fun.



One Response to “A Freakish Evolution!”

  1. lianamerlo Says:

    The costume came out great! The best costume my dad could think up for me when I was a kid was leftovers. Tin foil and done!

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