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During The Feast November 27, 2009

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A Lot To Be Thankful For November 26, 2009

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As a wee little one you know there is a lot to be thankful for. Ronin asked that we post his list, so here it is.

  • Mama’s boob
  • Soft warm butt wipes
  • my pass
  • Mama’s other boob
  • my swing
  • swaddle blankies
  • 14+ hours of daily sleep
  • bath pod
  • my hands
  • having so many servants to wait on me hand and foot
  • Mama’s boobs (ya, we told him he already said that but he insisted…)
  • black and white art
  • having someone to read me all my books
  • 2 grandmas and 2 grandpas that love me so much
  • aunts and uncles who also love me so much
  • my puppy dogs
  • and maybe those kitties too
  • all my other “aunts” and “uncles” and cousins and friends who love me so much
  • my Papa & my Mama

Of course for us, as his parents, this might be our most thankful Thanksgiving ever. Happy Thanksgiving!


Two For Tuesday November 23, 2009

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First – I am going to do most of my actual blogging over here from now on. I was starting to feel guilty about writing in a more adult fashion on a blog that’s supposed to be dedicated to my kid. So come on over if you like and check me out. But be warned, if you’re looking for warm and fuzzy PG related posts then don’t bother clicking the link. I will be holding nothing back. There will be no censorship & no regard for your feelings. I am going off network.

I will continue to update here with pictures every so often, hopefully a couple times week, and with random tales of how the little guy is coming along. So if that’s what you’re after, you’ll just have to be more patient than before.

Thanks to everyone who has been checking in here regularly and irregularly. I appreciate it greatly.

Second – A Pic


System Update November 21, 2009

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I regret to inform those of you who look forward to the Pic O The Day that I will be discontinuing that routine. It’s not because I don’t enjoy it, but rather because I feel like it’s taking away from joy of photographing him. I end up stressing on making sure I have enough pictures to cover the week and I would rather not have to worry about that.

The Solution?

There will still be pictures, just less frequently. Once, maybe twice a week. And we’ll just have to see how that goes. So thanks to all who have been checking in daily to see the little guy in his daily adventures. I hope you continue to check back in and see what he’s been up to.


Sorry No Pic Today November 20, 2009

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Hopefully this will make you less angry with me. You’ve probably seen it, but it doesn’t get old.


Mom’s Choice: Rub A Dub Dub November 19, 2009

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I was feeling uninspired so I asked Mon to make today’s selection. Enjoy.


The Remnants Of Our Weekend Shoot November 18, 2009

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