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Ronin-centric November 13, 2009

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As of lately it seems like these here blog posts have been a bit more me-centric. And maybe you are all getting bored of that. So here’s a little bit about what RQ’s been up to this past month or so.

He has been growing at a seemingly unstoppable rate, both physically and mentally. The physical part doesn’t worry me so much, we can just keep buying new clothes to keep up with that part of it. It’s the mental breakthroughs that have me worried. If he keeps it up the only thing in my house I’ll be more intelligent than is one of my cats.

He’s at that stage where he is in tune with all his surroundings. Paying close attention to what the world around him is doing. You can almost see the analyzation happening right behind his little blue (but maybe changing to green) eye’s. Taking it in, thinking it through, and then spitting out what he doesn’t like. Which he does All. The. Time. Especially if your sitting with him at the computer. And I’m not talking about spitting up. No I’m talking about the motor boat effect. Only his motor boat doesn’t stop to refuel. Something about that damn computer. Maybe it’s his way of letting the machine know that one day he will own that Mac’s ass. He’s all “Sure, you think your so freakin’ cool with your hip ad campaign, and your wrapping of my parents around your little white mighty mouse cord. Just wait Mac, I will OWN you.” Which terrifies me. To think of the day when my kid knows more about computers/technology than I do. My generation was blessed with growing up in the age of the computer/internet/technology explosion. So I have been able to stay pretty on top of what’s what out there. But I know it’s only a matter of time before these machines I have come to love and cherish turn on me and leave me for a younger fresher generation. Until then, Ronin will spit on you Mac.

So this new spitting thing makes me feel like he’s a real boy. I mean obviously he is a real boy, but now he’s a boy’s boy. And it’s not just the spitting that launched him into this bracket. He is also “discovering” himself. Now I don’t want that to sound weird or anything, but he is. He’s getting all touchy feely with himself. Every time you change a diaper now his hands travel south. I had wondered how long it would take before he reached the “grabbing” stage. Now I know, not long. Not that he realizes what’s actually there. No, right now I think its just because its the easiest part of his body to hold onto. Yep, he’s a boy. Holding it just ’cause.

The other big things in his little life consist of being deserted by his Mother who returned to work part time. So three days a week he hangs with his G-Ma’s. And two of those he gets to take a filed trip to Martinez to kick it for a while. Mon going back to work also meant that we had to start giving him bottles. Luckily this was no big struggle. Have nipple will suck. Even synthetic. It’s been fun for me because not only do I now get to be the gatekeeper of the food supply from time to time, I also get to be more involved in his human fountain science experiment.

And then there’s the trying to sit up, and the noises getting more varied, louder, and more frequent. The sitting efforts have been pretty funny. He will just sit there all crunched up holding it hoping that eventually momentum will take him into the full upright. It hasn’t happened yet, but he is now sporting a nicer six pack than I’ve ever had.

So I guess that’s about it. I’ll try and keep ya’ll updated to the goings on of the little guy a bit more often. Hopefully everyone checking out the site has been enjoying the pic o the day. I know I have. It’s been fun getting to come up more and more ways to exploit the little guy. Next week I’ll be rolling out a new series of pic’s I’m calling “The Urban Travels Of A Boy And His Chair”, so stay tuned for that.


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