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Learning To Share April 29, 2010

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Playing Pretend November 16, 2009

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We all did it at some time or another. Maybe it’s been 20 years, but you did it. Pretended to be something you’re not. (I do it everyday. I pretend to be a grownup with a real job that gives a crap about said job). Superhero or super villain. Cowboy or Indian (I know, sooo not PC anymore). Doctor or nurse (a personal favorite). The tea or the crumpet. One way or another I know you’ve done it. And it was fun, wasn’t it?

Lately I have been playing this game again. Or maybe I’m just hallucinating. Who knows. But ever since I rolled out this Pic o The Day thing I have been living a life that is not my own. I should start by saying that for me to to decide to do a POTD is a far more ambitious move than most moves I make. I have never been one to display myself artistically. Mainly because I am a terrible artist. I can’t even draw a freaking stick figure. So to decide on a whim that posting a picture every damn day was something I could do, was a big deal for me. I would have to put out some serious effort if I didn’t want to be laughed off the stage. So I told myself that I was going to “pretend” like I really am a photographer.

My Wife and I were given a pretty sweet DSLR camera a few years ago and by golly I might as well use it (I didn’t even know what DSLR stood for before I started this venture). So I busted it out, started studying up on what real baby photog’s are doing to wow their clientele, and tried to get inspired. And I was. I started coming up with some clasic shots that any parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle/friend may want to see. Then I figured, well, what other outlandish positions/situations can we shoot the kid in. So we stuck him in an ice cream maker, put him on the ground with his dogs, put him in a messenger bag, buried him in toy’s, dressed him up, undressed him and so on and so on. I think its all been going pretty good. My pretend boss would be happy with my work. Maybe tell me to take the rest of the week off because I have been working so hard. “Thanks Boss, that’s real kind of you”.

Now I find myself looking forward to this job. My office is my home. My ideas are my own (or my wife’s). There is no 40 minute commute. There is no lunch hour, no start time, no Boss. The only problem is it’s all in my head. Sometimes I wish I could just live up there. I’ve built a real nice life for myself up those wrinkly stairs to the left side of my dome. One day I’ll figure out how to combine that life with my real life. Maybe it’s like the whole beetlejuice thing. I just have to find my trigger word. stayinbedandpoorbeeronyourorganicfruitypebbles, stayinbedandpoorbeeronyourorganicfruitypebbles, stayinbedandpoorbeeronyourorganicfruitypebbles.
Did it work?

*p.s. – If you happen to live in the bay area, have a wee little one (Like 0-5 or somewhere in that vicinity), like said wee little one enough to have him/her immortalized in digital-ness, and want it done for free, then shoot me an e-mail and let me know. (Of course this is assuming you like what you see here photographically speaking). I am looking to test myself a bit and see whether I can make your kid look good on electronic paper or if it’s just been a fluke.